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Jodi & Jeff Reinke

Phone: 701.794.3167


Dam Bar


Phone: 701.487.3000


Teresa's Grocery 

Located on Main Street

Debbie & Mike McCleery
Phone: 701.487.3356

10 rooms! Double & single available with two additional kitchenette cabins

Sakakawea Motel

Lee & Noelle Little

Phone: 701.487.3636


The Little Bar and Grill

200 4th lane Sw
Pick City, ND 58545
Phone Number: (701) 891-1161



Our bees are spread out around the western side of Lake Sakakawea and we proudly produce pure ND wildflower and buckwheat honey. We also produce pure beeswax candles that comes 100% from our hives.

Hanna Honey

Scott & Teresa Hobbs
Phone: 701.487.3343


Scott's Bait and Tackle

Ronald R. Leingang Memorial Park

  • Swing sets*

  • Play set

  • Tetherball*

  • Bouncers

  • Merry-Go-Round*

  • Monkey Bars

  • Sand Pit & Diggers*

  • Edging

  • Handicap Ramp

  • Parking Pad

  • Frisbee Golf

  • Basketball Backboards

*Handicap Accessible Equipment.  Plus, mats for easy wheelchair access and cedar chips for fall safety and designated parking

  • Picnic Shelters

  • Picnic Tables

Dogs are not allowed inside the play area. 

Please be respectful of all playground equipment. We appreciate your effort in keeping our city park clean!

If you see vandalism, please contact:

  • City Hall:


Tour the Game & Fish Hatchery

Tour the Garrison Dam Power House

Lake Sakakawea State Park 

Area Fun Spots

Basketball Courts
Baseball Diamond
Picnic Shelter

Pick City is just minutes from Garrison Dam, Lake Sakakawea, the Famous Tailrace, and Lake Sakakawea State Park. We are a popular resort area with numerous cabin sites along the lake shores and your choice of recreational activities on and around the lake area. This area offers excellent salmon, northern pike, walleye, smallmouth bass, and trout fishing. Some of the best waterfowl hunting in the United States is found here. Partridge, Pheasants, and Sharptail Grouse, also offer good hunting. Mule deer and whitetail deer are common in this area with annual hunting seasons.

For more information regarding the Lake Sakakawea State Park, check out their website here.