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City Info

Arvid Anderson- Mayor, Personell: 701-487-3374

Diane Johnson- Auditor: 701-487-3327

Brandon Reiser- Council, Landfill: 701-870-1356

Kelwayne Westman- Council, Fire: 701-870-2544

Scott Bather- Council, President, Park: 307-331-3222

Lori Davis- Council, Streets: 701-400-6518

Jim Sailer- Public Works, Zoning Adm. 701-880-8851


Pick City holds their monthly meetings the first Wednesday of the month at 7:30pm CT at City Hall, unless a holiday lands on that date. Special Meetings will be posted in business places.

City Hall office hours: 8:30am-12:30pm Monday-Friday.

Landfill spring & summer hours: Saturday 10am to noon.

Building Permits: Call City Hall at 701-487-3327 or email

  • All permits must be obtained and approved before any construction

  • Fees:
    $10.00 (construction costs $1500 or less)
    $25.00 (construction costs over $1500

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